TextNow unlimited data plans start at just $0.99 now - yes, really

TextNow's new unlimited data passes offer a super flexible way to secure data on the go without paying for more than you need.

Apr 3, 2024 - 19:50
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TextNow unlimited data plans start at just $0.99 now - yes, really

Sick of paying for heaps of data you don't even need? The mobile provider TextNow has recently introduced a flexible array of unlimited data passes that could be a fantastic option.

TextNow's new unlimited data passes include an hourly pass for $0.99, a daily pass for $4.99, and a monthly pass for $39.99. Under the new system, all you need to do is pay for an amount of data upfront via the TextNow app and that's it - you'll immediately unlock your allowance of 5G data.

TextNow is one of the most cost-effective mobile providers on the market right now thanks to its compelling offer of completely free calling and texting nationwide. If you're a thrifty light user, TextNow is a service you can use to your benefit if you know exactly how much data you'll need and when. 

You can sign up for TextNow online or via its app to get started with a completely free calling-over-WiFi setup. Alternatively, you can order a SIM card for just $1.99 to get traditional cellular coverage nationwide. If you're eying up the unlimited data plans outlined above, you need a TextNow SIM to use that one specifically.

Flexible unlimited data options

Is TextNow good value?

For sure - TextNow is a good overall option for those who really want to rein in their monthly cell phone plan costs. If you're a light user, in particular, paying just $0.99 for an hour of data in a fix is a great option if you mostly rely on WiFi for your connection. 

When looking at the full monthly pass of data there are cheaper prepaid plans out there right now. That said, there's a lot of flexibility baked into TextNow's setup. For example, if you decide you no longer need a full month of data, you can easily switch down to one of the shorter-term plans or revert to the call-and-text-only service for free.

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