Today's Wordle answer for Saturday, February 17

Wordle today: The solution and a hint for Saturday's puzzle.

Feb 17, 2024 - 16:50
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Today's Wordle answer for Saturday, February 17

Whether you're in desperate need of an instant Wordle win streak save or you'd just like to make sure you start your daily game on the right foot, everything you need is right here. Give your guesses a helping hand with a clue for the February 17 (973) game if you like, or click your way to today's answer. Whatever you need, we can help.

Wow, that was a close one. I wasn't short of yellow letters to shunt around, the only problem was they didn't seem to fit in anywhere, no matter how hard I tried. That meant today's game came right down to the wire, the Wordle answer only showing up because there was nothing left to try. Let's hope tomorrow's puzzle isn't quite so tense.

Today's Wordle hint

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Wordle today: A hint for Saturday, February 17

The answer today is a religious word, one used to describe a particular sort of holy song, poem or prayer. 

Is there a double letter in Wordle today? 

No, there is no double letter in today's puzzle. 

Wordle help: 3 tips for beating Wordle every day 

If there's one thing better than playing Wordle, it's playing Wordle well, which is why I'm going to share a few quick tips to help set you on the path to success: 

  • A good opener contains a balanced mix of unique vowels and consonants. 
  • A tactical second guess helps to narrow down the pool of letters quickly.
  • The solution may contain repeat letters.

There's no time pressure beyond making sure it's done by midnight. So there's no reason not to treat the game like a casual newspaper crossword and come back to it later if you're coming up blank. 

Today's Wordle answer

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What is today's Wordle answer?

Start your weekend with a win. The answer to the February 17 (973) Wordle is PSALM.

Previous answers

The last 10 Wordle answers 

The more past Wordle answers you can cram into your memory banks, the better your chances of guessing today's Wordle answer without accidentally picking a solution that's already been used. Past Wordle answers can also give you some excellent ideas for fun starting words that keep your daily puzzle solving fresh.

Here are some recent Wordle solutions:

  • February 16: STASH
  • February 15: ASCOT
  • February 14: TALON
  • February 13: SCRAM
  • February 12: PASTA
  • February 11: NEVER
  • February 10: FRIED
  • February 9: STIFF
  • February 8: PLACE
  • February 7: AFTER

Learn more about Wordle 

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Every day Wordle presents you with six rows of five boxes, and it's up to you to work out which secret five-letter word is hiding inside them.

You'll want to start with a strong word like ALERT—something containing multiple vowels, common consonants, and no repeat letters. Hit Enter and the boxes will show you which letters you've got right or wrong. If a box turns ⬛️, it means that letter isn't in the secret word at all.

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