Samsung is unveiling the Galaxy Ring this week at MWC 2024

The Galaxy Ring is "being unveiled" at the big mobile show, which officially gets underway on February 26.

Feb 25, 2024 - 16:50
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Samsung is unveiling the Galaxy Ring this week at MWC 2024

Gadget launches are getting more drawn out than ever, with the Samsung Galaxy Ring the latest example. The smart ring was teased last month, and now Samsung says we'll get a full reveal at MWC 2024 this week – though it still won't be going on sale for a while yet.

MWC (or Mobile World Congress) is the biggest mobile tech expo of the year, and in its pre-event press release, Samsung says that the Galaxy Ring "is being unveiled as a new health form factor that simplifies everyday wellness".

We'll also be hearing about "upcoming intelligent health features" tied to the Samsung Health app, including more detailed insights into the data that's being collected – sleep patterns, activity times, heart rate, and so on.

The overall aim of the smart ring is to support "smarter and healthier living via a more connected digital wellness platform", Samsung says, and the current Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Samsung Galaxy S24 devices will also be on show. The event officially runs from Monday, February 26 to Thursday, February 29.

So what will we find out?

Samsung Galaxy AI banner at MWC 2024

Samsung is on the ground at MWC in Barcelona (Image credit: Samsung)

It's not clear exactly what Samsung means when it says "unveiled", but we're assuming that the Galaxy Ring will be on show at MWC 2024 for people to take a look at. Up until now, all we've had officially is a teaser video.

Based on the wording of the press statement, it's also likely that we'll hear a bit about what the Samsung Galaxy Ring can do: the sort of stats it can track, and how all of that data gets presented in the Samsung Health app on a phone.

However, the statement also says that the smart ring won't be publicly available until "later this year". With that in mind, it's not clear if we're going to find out how much the Galaxy Ring costs, or when we'll actually be able to buy it.

As we said at the start, it's stretching the definition of the "product launch", but that's not uncommon these days – we had eight months between the Apple Vision Pro being announced and going on sale, for example, and 13 months to wait for the same period with the Google Pixel Tablet.

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