HP is ditching its online-only printer range — user backlash forces major rethink

HP pulls e-series versions of its popular LaserJet printers following widespread user complaints.

Jul 10, 2024 - 17:50
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HP is ditching its online-only printer range — user backlash forces major rethink

HP has apparently been forced to discontinue its e-series LaserJet printers following widespread consumer dissatisfaction.

German media outlet DruckerChannel reported growing frustration among users who have been forced to maintain a constant internet connection and use HP original ink and toner for its HP+ scheme, with cheaper and more accessible third-party alternatives prohibited.

The LaserJet e-series models, identifiable by an ‘e’ suffix in their models names, now look to have been pulled from sale.

HP LaserJet e-series dropped

HP+, which the company markets as a “free upgrade” that unlocks “advance features, automaic updates, enhanced security, and much more” on eligible internet-connected printers, requires an “HP account, internet connection, and use of Original HP Ink for the lifetime of the printer.”

Druckerchannel reports that the following HP+ printers are no longer available, however their standard model counterparts remain on sale:

  • HP Laserjet M110we , M209dwe
  • HP Laserjet MFP M140we , M234sdne , M234sdwe
  • HP Laserjet Pro 3002dwe , 4002dne , 4002dwe
  • HP Laserjet Pro MFP 3102fdwe , 4102dwe , 4102fdwe

Despite the change in strategy, existing e-series printers will continue to operate as purchased. However, they will not receive firmware updates to relax the HP-mandated restrictions.

An HP representative told the German media outlet (translated to English via Google Translate):

“Since the introduction of HP+, our smart, connected printing system has been embraced by customers who appreciate the convenience, extended warranty and solutions. We know that some customers in IT-managed office environments are unable to meet the cloud connection requirements for HP+.

“To provide our customers with an exceptional printing experience in all office environments, we will no longer offer LaserJet series products with HP+. We plan to extend proven solutions such as Print from Anywhere and Smart Security to select new HP LaserJet devices. HP+ customers who are satisfied with their devices and service can continue to use their devices as before, so they do not need to make any adjustments.”

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